Alli (Orlistat) – Buyer’s Guide


Let’s face it, it’s every one desire to have a well-toned body and within the average weight range. However, this isn’t the case. Majority of the people are struggling with their weight.

Losing weight is not a simple task. Studies have proven that over 85% of overweight people who use conventional methods of weight loss are not successful.

Luckily there is a way; If other methods aren’t working out, there is still a way out. Diet pills come in here, and Alli is one such pill. However, unlike other plant-based supplements, Alli is a pharmaceutical drug.

What is Alli?

You must be aware that most of the weight loss pills are not over-the-counter. Alli is the only FDA-approved over the counter pill. It has been in existence since 1999. Meaning it has been tested and has stood the test of time

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Alli is packaged in form of 60mg orlistat capsules but it is also available as a prescription as Xenical, Xenical pills contain 120mg.

The pill should be taken strictly by anyone who is feeling they are overweight and are above 18 years.

Note; The manufacturer indicates that it must be accompanied with a low-calorie low-fat diet. This way, the effectiveness of the pill and chances of achieving your desired results is higher.

The users of this pill are subjected to a comprehensive program as well as embracing a healthy lifestyle.

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Why does this pill emphasize exercises and a healthy diet?

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The reason is that balanced diet and exercise will help you lose one pound and Alli pill will help you one more.

As earlier indicated, there are several methods you can use to shed the excess weight. The same applies when using this pill. Alongside, using the pill, combine it with positive lifestyle. Eat well, exercise and maintain good health.

Who should take Alli?

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To qualify for Alli, you must be over 18 years. Besides, you must have a BMI of above 25. Anyone who decides to use this pill must be ready to accept to follow a low fat and reduced calories diet.

Before deciding to use Alli, ensure that you are overweight. The best basis of doing this is not personal opinions; rather, calculate your personal BMI (Body Mass Index)

How to calculate BMI

Use your weight and height information to calculate your BMI. If your BMI falls between 18.5 to around 24.9, then you are within the healthy weight range. However, if your BMI is between 25 and 29.9, then you are within the overweight range.

Usage guidelines;

The manufacturer of this diet pill is concerned about the safety of the clients. Thus, the package comes with a label that indicates those who should avoid it.

While the directives are aimed at enhancing the safety of the user, it is also about the user achieving the desired results of losing weight, easily and safely.

Do not take Alli if you have the following conditions:

  • Have diabetes
  • Thyroid disease
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Seizures.

Avoid Alli if:

  • Are taking cyclosporine, an immunosuppressant drug during organ transplants
  • You had an organ transplant as it may affect medicines used to prevent transplant rejection.
  • If you are taking other weight loss supplements
  • You have a problem in absorbing food
  • Are allergic to the ingredients in Alli capsules
  • Are not overweight
  • Are a breastfeeding and pregnant mother
  • If diagnosis proves that you have gallbladder, kidneys or pancreatic issues, you need to consult your doctor first.


  • Refer to a physician or pharmacist first if you are on warfarin. Warfarin is a blood-thinning medicine. Your dosage may need to be adjusted.
  • Also, the manufacturer advises you to stop and consult the doctor if you develop itching, notice yellow eyes, dark urine, and loss of appetite.
  • Moreover, you need to stop if you experience severe and continuous abdominal pains, which may imply a serious medical condition.

How to take Alli

how to take alli

As indicated earlier, Alli is made in form of capsules. So, you are supposed to take it orally, thrice in a day.

There are two options when using it, either with a low fat diet, or after one or more hours.

Remember; follow the rules of the thumb when using these capsules. These rules include;

  • Never take an over dose or an under dose. Follow what your personal doctor advises.
  • Follow the routine as directed.
  • Apart from the routine, put into considerations all other recommendations such as type of diet.

When taking Alli;

  • Follow a low calories and low fat diet. When you eat fatty foods, there are chances that you’ll experience digestion problems, e.g. being uncomfortable.
  • For dairy products, go for the low fat type; while for meat, choose the lean cuts. The secret is that ensure that no more than 30% of your calories source should be from fat.
  • While using Alli, you’re also supposed to consume a multivitamin. The multivitamin should contain, beta carotene, and Vitamins, A, D, and K. This should be taken throughout the period you’re using these capsules. However, don’t take Alli and the vitamins concurrently.

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How Alli works

The success of Ali can be attributed to how the pill is made to work. The manufacturer focuses on the cause of overweight.

how alli works

This pill is made to blocks fat absorption from the diet that we usually consume. Alli prevents up to 25% of that fat from getting absorbed into the body. This is necessary as you already have excess fat.

Lipase is the enzyme located in the gut responsible for fat digestion. It helps break down the fat into three fatty acids, which are then absorbed by the system.

What Alli pills do is to block the enzyme that promotes the absorption. Without lipase enzyme, then most of the fat is expelled from the body without digestion.

To enhance effectiveness and safety, only a slight percentage of Alli get absorbed into the bloodstream. That leads to weight loss as petite amount of fat get stored in the body tissues

Alli is safe for you

Alli prides itself in being the only over the counter weight loss pill approved by FDA. This not only brings out its safety, but the effectiveness too.

The active ingredient in it, orlistat has been subjected to over 100 clinical studies to ascertain the safety and effectiveness. This is something that most of the other weight loss pills on the market fails to meet.

Thus, it is one of the most thorough weight loss drugs in the world. That clears any doubts if this is safe for consumption.

That means it is not to blame for cardiovascular and heart problems. As such it does not result in heart racing or even mood swing upon consumption. Today, it is shown that over 50 million people worldwide use Alli.

Alli can help everyone cut a few pounds

Alli works for everyone provided your BMI is above 25, you have no other conditions and are ready to stick to a balanced diet. It can help you lose 5-10 percent of your body weight.

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Other benefits associated with Alli

Using Alli is not only beneficial in reducing weight but also it has health benefits. It is true that overweight and obese people are exposed to different health conditions. So when you shed the excess weight, your health will improve drastically. Some of these benefits include;

Lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes

A study conducted on Xenical in the prevention of diabetes in obese people found out that indeed Alli, which contains Xenical as an ingredient, could lower the danger of type 2 diabetes by 37 percent. This research was conducted over a period of 4 years where they put participants on orlistat therapy.

Reduces the risk of cardiac attacks and blood pressure

A UK multimorbidity study where participants were picked randomly indicates concluded that Alli has an effect on cardiovascular. Those subjected to orlistat therapy not only lost weight but also lowered the risk of cardiac attacks among obese patients.

Orlistat brings about long-term changes in the blood pressure among diabetes patients put under orlistat therapy according to a meta-analysis seeking to investigate the effects of an anti-obesity drug on blood pressure.

It also reduces total and LDL cholesterol: a study examining the effect of dietary weight loss pills found out that orlistat lowers the cholesterol level in the body. It does this by reducing the absorption of fats into the system. In fact, it found that reduction in cholesterol with orlistat was higher than that witnessed in through weight loss alone.

Pros and Cons of Alli

First, Pros

  • Can help you lose weight
  • Comes with a recipe for success
  • It is over-the-counter requiring no prescription if you have no other conditions
  • You can quit Alli once your BMI goes below 25 at any time and begin taking if it shoots up.
  • It has no side effects if you follow the instructions.
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  • Requires you to change your diet for it to work. Luckily, it’s simple to follow up. Additionally, the diet changes aren’t drastic.
  • You cannot lose a lot of weight with alli. It only helps to lose half of what the diet does. Luckily, if you’re combining it with a healthy diet, exercising and a positive lifestyle, the changes are better.
  • It can bring many of side effects if you consume meals high in fat and calories. That’s why it's advisable to follow the use guide as shown by the manufacturer. Luckily, the guide is simple and easy to follow.
  • It may inhibit absorption of beneficial vitamins and minerals. But you can supplement it with multivitamins before bedtime.

Potential side effects of Alli

Following are the usual side effects associated with Alli:

  • Gastrointestinal (GI) - these are usually known as diet-related side effects that result from undigested fats passing through the digestive system.
  • The magnitude of the side effects depends on how you take the pills and the amount of fat you consume when taking Alli diet pills.
  • GI occurs mostly in first-time users if they take a diet with too much fat.

The side effects include:

  • Oily spots in the stool
  • Gas with oily discharge from the anus
  • Frequent bowels due to lose stool that may be hard to control

How to mitigate these side effects;

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It has been shown that it’s possible to minimize the chances of developing these side effects. In fact, some of these may occur if you’re not using Alli as advised. The problem here is that apart from developing these complications, there are chances of not achieving your desired results. Therefore, be careful and follow the instructions.

You only need to know the directions for using Alli to minimize the GI side effects. You only need to take a low-calorie and low-fat diet.

Gender, weight and activity levels should guide how much fat and calories you take. The calories range between 1200 and 1800 per day. The fat amount should be 40-60 grams per day.

The product’s package comes with a companion guide to help determine your fat and calorie intake.

Approximately 85% of those who take Alli do not experience any side effects. Again, it is possible to have the side effects the first few days of taking it but they subside with time ad you continue to use it.

However, if you experience severe and continuous abdominal pains, that is a sign of a serious medical problem that needs attention.

Alli has no effect on sleep

Most of the natural weight loss pills have been reported to affect sleep patterns when taken too late (after 3 pm). That is due to the energy and the high caffeine content in them.

Alli does not give you jitteriness or palpitations and will not make you lack sleep no matter the time you decide to take it. It acts non-systemically meaning it has no direct effect on the central nervous system.

The manufacturer recommends that you visit a doctor if you lack sleep.

The gas effect is not associated to Alli

A few people report gas when taking Alli. That is not a side effect of taking the capsules. It may be a result of the sudden change in the diet. For example, vegetable intake may bring about gas.

To prevent gas, ensure that you follow your calorie and fat targets. If the gas persists it, treat it a dietary change, and it will come to end as the body adjusts.

However, you can buy OTC drugs to deal with the gas problem.

Testimonial and Success Stories

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The key secrets to succeeding with Alli

For the best results, make sure that you take three well-balanced meals per day. It should be low in calorie and fat. If you must, just take only one snack.

Check your target on the manufacturers’ mill pan accompanying the drug when buying.

Make sure that your each of your meals does not exceed 15 grams of fat. Accompany the meal with one capsule of alli.

The fats that you get from the meal should contribute less than 30% calories.

The maximum number that you should take should be three. More than that would be an overdose.

A daily multivitamin is good before bedtime to help nourish nutrients such vitamin A, D, E, and K. That is because alli prevents the absorption of these vitamins together with fats by inhibiting lipase enzyme.

Lastly, be sure to keep your body hydrated throughout by drinking lots of water. Water is an essential part of a weight loss mission.

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How much weight can you lose?

  • The amount of weight that you shed is modest, and so Alli is not a wonder drug. Alli will help you one more pound for every 1 pounds lost through dieting.
  • So the amount of weight is dependent on your diet. The amount of pounds you lose ranges between 5 and 10 percent of your body weight.
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Should you try Alli diet pills?

Alli is one of the few diet pills that work. However, it is important to remember that you need to stick to a proper diet of low fat to keep away any side effects associated with taking the drug.

Besides, exercises are part of the program for it to perform. So, we recommend that you give alli a try today and shed some pounds.

Alli is a bit costly given the little amount of weight you lose

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  • Since Alli is an over-the-counter drug, you can buy it online at Amazon or at the nearest store. It comes in 60mg capsules.
  • Most people find it expensive giving the time it take to lose weight and the amount lost after being that patient.
  • The price of Alli depends on the store in which you buy. One bottle of orlistat 60mg 120 capsules will cost you $56.47 on Amazon. The price in other stores should be around there.

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Alli Weight Loss Aid Frequently asked questions

Can I take alcohol when taking Alli?

We do not recommend taking alcohol, as it is high in calories. However, there is no evidence that the interaction between the two is dangerous. It is just that it may inhibit your goals.

Can I depend only on Alli to lose weight?

No. This is where most people who claim it does not work fail. Alli cannot replace a healthy diet. The manufacturer indicates very clearly that you need a diet low in fat and calorie. Exercises are also ideal.

Does Alli cause racing of the heart and palpitations?

No. Alli concentrates its action in the digestive tract and is minimally absorbed into the bloodstream. Hence it does not have a direct effect on the heart or brain.

How long do I take Alli?

If you follow the right diet, exercise when taking the drugs, you can lose over 5-10% of weight within a year. That is about 1 pound per week. Then you will have achieved your and can quit taking the capsules.

Since you lose most of the weight within the first few months of starting the medication, you can stop if you hit a weight loss of 5-10% of body weight.

Can I take Alli when on other medicines?

The manufacturer advises that if you are on other weight loss supplements and prescription drugs, you need to talk to you doctor first.

Will Alli cause kidney stones and failure?

Studies show that placebo brings a higher risk of kidney condition compared to orlistat. Hence, you need to speak to your doctor if you have any kidney problems.

Will Alli affect my menstrual cycle?

Alli product has not effect on the female hormone. The changes could be a result of other conditions, which may require you to see your doctor.

What if I become pregnant when taking alli?

You should immediately stop once you discover that you are pregnant.

Does alli cause liver damage?

The FDA safety review on orlistat completed in 2010 does not show any relationship between orlistat and liver damage.

But if you experience symptoms like itching, yellow skin, and eyes, dark urine or loss of appetite, see your doctor.

I am breastfeeding, can I take Alli?

If you are a nursing woman, you should not take Ali.

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